Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What kind of training and experience do your guards have?All security guards employed by Wollongong City Security are fully qualified and licensed as per the Security Industry Act 1998. All of our security guards must also hold a current Senior First Aid Certificates. Wollongong City Security invests heavily in our guard's training, certification and development. All guards are trained in identifying risks and hazards, and ensuring these risks are assessed, controlled or minimized. You will be sent reports on relevant threat and incident data and our emergency services are on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week should you need them.Our guards range in experience from 1 or 2 years to 15+ years of security experience, from a variety of backgrounds.

Is your company licenced and do you have public liability? Wollongong City Security is Master Licensed and in compliance with all statutory regulations. Our Master Licence number is 410 014 659. We understand that accidents happen sometimes, and we're always prepared for that. We have $20,000,000 of liability insurance to cover all incidentals and to give you the true peace of mind you deserve. If you wish to see a copy, just let us know. We will be happy to provide the details upon request.

Do you sell, install or provide support for CCTV and/or Alarm systems for residential properties?We design security solutions that help protect you against intrusions, robberies and other security threats. Wollongong City security installs home and business alarm systems that will comply with your insurance company's requirements and may even lower premiums. All Wollongong City Security systems are designed to be easy to operate and provide comprehensive intrusion detection and protection. Once your security system is armed, any intrusion or other action that activates an alarm is immediately reported to a 24 hour alarm monitoring control room which is based in the Wollongong region. From there, our certified monitoring control room operators will keep you informed and if necessary notify the police.

Can I have pets and still arm my alarm system? Yes! With modern pet sensitive motion sensors (Tritech detectors), you can secure your home in the knowledge that your pets can roam throughout your home/business.

5. Can I set certain areas of my property? With the programmable control panel we use, you are able to specify certain areas to be alarmed. For instance, if you have a two storey property and would like the downstairs secured overnight whilst you sleep upstairs, this can all be programmed for ease of use with the keypad.

6. Do you sell wireless alarm systems? All our alarms have the ability to be hard wired or wireless or even a combination of both. Whether you have constricted space or concrete sections throughout your premises our wireless detectors and other devices are a great way to ensure they get secured.

7. Does Wollongong City Security provide warranty on products and installation? Wollongong City Security only use quality equipment and all work is performed within Australian Standards AS2201.1, 3,4. Our products come with manufacturer's warranty from 12 months to 3 years. Wollongong City Security's labour comes with a 12 month warranty which is installed by fully licensed technicians. Some of the brands Wollongong City Security utilize are Bosch, Samsung, Panasonic, Hills, Honeywell, kokom, challenger, tecom, DSC, Crow etc.

8. Can my alarm system monitor a smoke alarm? We are able to monitor smoke detectors. We are then able to notify the nominated key holder or emergency services should the need arise (a telephone call will be made to the property in the first instance to check for false alerts).

9. Will my alarm continue to work if my power goes off? Your alarm system has a backup battery and will still operate as normal. Our controlroom will be aware that there has been a mains failure and will do an area check to establish if the power is out in your district. If yours is an isolated case they will contact the key holder if the power has not restored within the hour or your designated response person to see why there is a power failure. If the power is out for a duration the monitoring station will notify the response person that the battery is low.

10. What are the advantages of a monitored alarm system? The advantages of a monitored system include the peace of mind of knowing that even when you aren't there, your home is being monitored 24 hours per day, every day and, in the event of an alarm situation, you, your nominated key holders and the relevant emergency providers can be alerted to a potential burglary, fire or medical emergency.

11. Are there any Contracts? NO! We have no fixed term contracts however should you require one it is optional. If you wish to have your system monitored we can provide all levels of alarm monitoring at competitive prices with no minimum term contracts to sign. Ask us about our various options.

Our cash collection couriers are able to collect as many of these satchels that you have to bank and the collection and banking of coin is our speciality. Once your banking has been collected, our cash collection couriers will then sign for each individual satchel that they have in their possession using our unique 'Cash in Transit Register'.

This register remains at your premises at all times as your proof that the banking has been collected. Upon arrival at the bank, the cash collection courier will obtain a proof of delivery stamp (where possible) from the teller for each satchel collected and delivered to your nominated bank. The identification of all our cash collection couriers can be verified at any time via our online services website.

You can have your cash collected on a regular basis e.g. every day, three times a week or just one day a week. Its totally up to you and your cash collection requirements.

If you are unsure what days you need your cash collected and are unable to predict a regular collection schedule, then simply book a cash collection as required by booking online via our website, it's that simple!

You can also specify to have your cash collected at a specific time. Whilst every endeavour is made to accommodate a specific time request, sometimes this is not always possible due to the current obligations we have with our existing cash collectionclients. However, we will always try to find a positive solution for you and we are confident that we will be able to negotiate a mutually acceptable time if you choose to utilize our cash collection service.